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Question / Answers

Q. Can I contact you for a project that I need with my specific requirements?
A. Yes. We are ready to freely discuss together about your project and if we agree we can develop your project based on your requirements, test it in our labs, deliver it to you in due time and maintain it based upon our agreement.

Q. How can I purchase a product from your site?
A. You can order it online by filling the order form and we will send you a link to download the application after we arranged for the payment method if it's the case.

Q. Can I try your product before i decide to purchase it?
A. Yes. Software and applications are accessible by downloading links. For licensed or copyrighted software we provide trial versions. Trial versions are limited in functionalities and they expire in a specific period of time. Once expired you need to purchase a valid licence to use the full version of the application.

Q. How do I order a licence?
A. Payments for licensed software are proccessed via Paypal. After the payment is confirmed we will email/send you the licence and instructions or we can validate it for you via remote support.

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