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Universeven is a group of IT Consultants. We're doers, business builders and an ideal technology partner for any company/organization that needs a better, more productive software & web applications or one who needs key IT support services and can do without the expense of hiring a full-time staff.

With us you can find solutions that better suits your business. Today, a wealth of information is opening up a world of possibilities. Realizing those possibilities takes more than numbers. It takes more than technology. It takes people. People who can turn the potential of information into meaningful solutions. Solutions that simplify businesses, improve governments, propel societies forward.

Universeven started by people, who earned their seniority and reputation over 20 years of programming experience applying their education, expertise and technology skills working on some of the most successful Fortune 500 Companies.

Now Universeven is equipped with talented developers whose only passion is technology and development. As a team we work with a diversity of companies and organization throughout the country, developing software, designing and building web applications and providing key IT services for their business.

Whether your need to develop a customized software or web application using the latest technologies, need search engine optimization (SEO) enhancements or to build an E-Commerce site, Universeven is simply a smart choice.

We understand the importance of data security, and with our expertize in the field we can serve as your cost-effective and efficient domestic outsourcing IT Dept. solution. Call us today.

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