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  • Custom Programming
    Universeven is a full-service Web & Technology, custom programming company. We develop full lifecycle programs in both software and web-based applications utilizing Microsoft technologies. We specialize in SQL Server integrated programming and have a history of resolving existing issues in problematic applications.

  • Custom Website Design & Development
    Whether your company/organization needs a simple website or an interactive E-commerce application Universeven can do it for you. A website needs to be well-designed and fully-functional in addition to looking good. We use the latest technologies to develop graphic and animated effects that can show-off your site's true capability and demonstrate its creativity.

  • Web Hosting
    We can provide web hosting to our clients on our Universeven Web Server. We provide fast throughput (website speed) that will be enhance and accelerate your website's response to the internet.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Yes, words matter, especially key words. We'll help you get to the top of all the major search engines so you can be contacted more often and grow your business. Or if you've done this already, we can show you enhancements resulting in more good news; more sales, better web presence, etc.

  • Network System Design & Integration
    Whether your firm has an existing network that needs to be maintained, expanded or you require the installation of a new network, Universeven can custom design, install and or configure your network.

  • Barcode Systems
    Where would industry be with out barcodes? Our custom programming and software solutions will reduce paperwork and leverage your technology so all your integrated systems work to their maximum potential.

  • Warehouse Automation
    Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor or retailer, Universeven understands the importance and cost-advantages of better managing/controlling inventory. This is all possible via customized programming & software and by having the proper network system design in place. Universeven can create an automated system that works to your advantage.

  • Data Security & Management
    We understand the vital importance of safeguarding your data and website content. We have security systems and custom software to protect it so it's all unquestionably safe and secure. We help companies/organizations better manage their data safe & securely.

  • Domestic Outsourcing of IT Services
    If you don't have an IT Dept. don't worry, you don't need one when you can rely on Universeven to be your trusted domestic outsourcing IT solutions company.

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