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If history truly is deemed to repeat itself, one of these five behemoth companies may not hold the same position by 2024. But it’s up to competitors to push these brands — and their industries — to the cutting edge.

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According to a MRFR analysis—which profiled major Web hosts like DreamHost—global web hosting services market is expected to grow to approximately $154 billion by 2022. The Internet has grown exponentially over the past decade, and this trend isn’t showing signs of slowing down. In 2014, the Internet saw a record billionth number of websites. Today, […]

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It’s a fact; positive online reviews can boost your business quickly. Studies show brands who have five positive Yelp reviews enjoy an average 10% increase in profit. Conversely, one terrible review can cost you valuable business and damage your brand’s credibility. In light of this, we’ve got some surefire advice on how to handle any […]

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Watch this special edition of Naked Security Live - we answer the questions people have been asking us, like "Should I stay or should I go?"

He was fired after four weeks, ripped off the credentials of former colleague "Speedy", and will be mulling it all over for two years in jail.

Is BitLocker cracked? Is disk encryption still worth it? The answers are "No" and "Yes", and here's why.

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