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Reports by the US Bureau of Labor show that productivity at the workplace is dropping at an alarming rate. This is not only happening in the US, but the effect is being felt globally. There are many theories that try to explain the decrease in productivity in the workplace. The statistics may be hard to […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Create an App?

Published: 2019-Jul-26 05:28

Setting up a budget and hiring the best developers and designers are some of the best ways to create a new mobile app. Besides, it helps you factor in costs so there are no unexpected financial costs you’re not prepared to pay. Below are hints to assist you in how much you’ll need to finance […]

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If national companies give you the cold shoulder, don’t give up. Other stakeholders may be open to suggestions. And if you can’t find your own way in, partner with colleagues or join a GPO.

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Microsoft has given audio clips to contractors for years, but it says it recently stopped. ... For the most part.

Episode 5 of the Naked Security Podcast is now live - listen now!

The new feature “disconnects,” but doesn't delete, your browsing history. Facebook will still use it for analytics.

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