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5 Tips for Shopping Online

Published: 2019-Jun-07 13:00

E-commerce and online shopping is one of the most common ways of consumption in the modern world. Besides, it has reduced the distance between clients and service providers by providing equal shopping opportunities to all. Below are hints to assist you in getting the most out of internet shopping. Shopping sites Unless you have a […]

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A consulting business is very easy to start as you need to put in very little investment upfront. All you require is a website and an email address. But for attracting high paying clients you need to put in more effort. When you go into consulting it can seem like many people are getting clients […]

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3 Common Mistakes That Lose The Sale

Published: 2019-May-23 09:36

Customers today have higher expectations than ever. Unfortunately, salespeople don’t seem to be meeting these expectations. According to the Brevet Group, 87% of customers believe salespeople don’t understand their needs. That’s why it’s critical to spend more time understanding the customer than educating them on your product or service. Most customers do their homework, anyway, and […]

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The ads look like they're been shared by friends, but they're really pod people who've hijacked accounts.

Sheesh! At this rate, extortionists are going to have to seek alternate employment.

The US is alleged to have been quietly planting malware throughout Russia's energy networks in response to years of Russian attacks on its own power grid.

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